First week in new offices

So.. we survived. After much shifting of boxes, and much carrying up stairs, we’re now settled in our new offices, although admittedly there are still lots of boxes around the place as our furniture doesn’t arrive until later this week. It’s nice to be in our own place now. A job well done Zonkey team!

Lots of web and SEO things going on at the moment which we hope to blog about a bit more over the coming weeks. WordPress 3.2 is out today and features some nice new updates on the previous version, including some changes to the admin interface which look really good. We’ve had a development version running since the beta release and we’ll be doing some more testing in the next few days to check plugins and themes are all compatible before we start upgrading some of our sites. Some plugins behave differently to others when you update them, and we’ve had some recently that have completely reset themselves causing many hours of work, so it’s always better to test in a development scenario before upgrading your live site.

We’ve been getting involved in lots of online discussions about the recent Panda updates and how they’re going to affect websites and rankings. We’re going to try and collate a lot of the current talk and put it together in a blog here for you to read. Essentially, it comes back to content and how your site is marketing but we’ll bring you more updates on this soon.