Does your choice of web browser say something about you?

Here at Zonkey towers, we’re PC based and we do the bulk of work using Google Chrome as our browser of choice. Some sites look different in other browsers, a constant headache for developers and web designers, so we have Firefox and Internet Explorer installed too so we can do comparisons. I find Chrome to be much quicker to use than IE and it has some nice features which i really like. One, which i’m sure Firefox and IE do too if i looked, is that i can synchronise my Bookmarks between my work PC and my laptop. If i find a site i like, and i add it to my Bookmarks folder, when i go home and open my laptop the same Bookmarks are installed.

Whilst reading BBC news today i came across this article:

It’s definitely worth a full read, but basically a company ran an online IQ test and tracked the results against which web browsers people were using. They found that people using Internet Explorer had an average IQ in the low eighties whilst users with Chrome, Firefox and Safari rated over 100.

So, if you want to improve your intelligence overnight, why not try installing a new browser today as it could change your life! We’re happy to advise if you want guidance 😀

UPDATE: Okay, okay.. it turned out this article was a hoax, but many the mighty news sites around the world all fell for it.. Whilst it may be made up, i would definitely say there is a correlation between how IT literate people are and what browsers they use. Maybe not directly related to their IQ, maybe it should be related to their computer IQ. I guess people in our world – web developers, graphic designers etc – are going to use different browsers for various technical reasons. Anyways, it was a good article originally.. gets people thinking! (I wonder whether anyone will now actually do an online IQ test and track browser usage…!)