For those of you unaware of what website marketing is, or this “search engine optimisation” we talk about, then I guess we should give you some background. Essentially, search engines grew out of directory sites and now pretty much the whole of the web revolves around the major players in the market. Google is by far the winner, and people even now coin the phrase “I Googled it”. Getting a good listing on Google can make a huge different your success online. Bing and Yahoo are also big players and shouldn’t be forgotten.

The art of search engine optimisation is essentially the ability to get your website listed near the top of search results. As well as organic listings (those that come up in the normal results windows) you can also pay to get your site listed through what is called Pay Per Click advertising. As the term suggests, you pay each time a user clicks your banner. Further details on Pay Per Click PPC can be found here.

Zonkey can help you market your website. We use the latest techniques to get your site listed, not only under your company name, but under the names of your top services and products.