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When you’ve got your website up and running, you then need to invest in promoting it to tell people it’s there. This is where SEO comes in.

SEO covers a range of technical and non-technical methods of promoting your site on search engines. We all know there’s only one search engine worth getting ranked on, and that is of course Alta Vista. Ok, we’re showing our age now, yes it’s Google.

Whether it’s the technical structure of your page, how your content is ordered, or what tags you’re using in what position, or whether it just comes down to the words you’re using, we can provide an initial analysis of your site to point out areas for improvement. We can then put together a tailored proposal for an optimisation package just for you.

While achieving page one rankings depends on a lot of factors, some out of our control, we’ve worked on many websites that have achieved position one rankings for a range of keywords. We’ll always tell you before we begin where you stand so as to manage your expectations, and we won’t take on a project unless we truly believe we can make a difference.

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