New site coming soon

We’ve been working hard this last few weeks putting together a new website for Zonkey. The current site has been around for best part of a year and whilst it does very well for us getting our name around and helping prospective customers find us, it’s looking a bit dated. Our design team have been on the case and we’ve begun coding in some new features. Hopefully the new site will be cleaner, simpler to use and a bit easier on the eye.

We’re a year old at the end of the month so if we crack on and get things moving we may be on for an early October launch all being well. We’ve got some other exciting things in the pipeline which we’ll be launching in the next few weeks as well.

We’ll be launching our WordPress blog category soon too. We collate a whole load of useful information about configuring and tweaking WordPress installations and we’re looking at sharing some of this with our beloved Zonkey fans.

Talking of the Zonkey, we tweaked some keywords on our site the other week and we’re now one of the most popular resources on the Internet for people searching for more information about zebra / donkey cross breeds 🙂