The Bath Massage Company – Testimonial

We started work  a couple of weeks ago with The Bath Massage Company, a local company who found us on Twitter,  doing some SEO work on their website. It’s a nice site which was built fairly recently using the WordPress platform (which we love) but hadn’t had any major optimisation work doing.

Despite only having started a few weeks back, we set out doing some link building on some of the more basic keywords. Upon checking the rankings today we’ve already had an increase of 8 positions on Google for Bath Massage up to the middle of page one and a jump of 12 places for massage in Bath.

So, a quick email off to Polly, the owner, to let her know the good news and we get this awesome feedback.

“That’s great, just seen the new positions and I’ve had 4 bookings in the past 2 days from Google searches so I assume that because of that, brilliant! Impressed already!”

So there you go SEO lovers.. a testimonial direct from a happy customer.

If you’re after having some search engine optimisation done work on your website, give us a call and we’ll be glad to provide the same top quality service to you.