New Office Looming

We’re in the final planning stages this week of securing some new offices in Bath. We’re hoping the final paperwork can be sorted out very soon so the new Zonkey HQ can start to take shape. We’ll still be in the centre of Bath but we’ll have a bit more space to move around and a dedicated client contact room where we can hold meetings and do presentations. It should be really good and we’re really excited about it. More news to follow!

Another good few weeks on the customer point of view. We’ve got two new sites going live this week and we’ve had three more signed up so we’re continuing to be busy.

We’ve been working on some WordPress Multisite installations for clients this month and it’s good to get really in depth with the software and play around with the latest plugins and toys. We’re excited about the release of WordPress 3.2 which is due soon. There have been some modifications to the look and feel of the admin area, the first time this has been revised in quite a while, and it looks as though it’s going to make the WordPress package even more user friendly.

I read a statistic the other day that 14% of websites run on the WordPress platform. We’re certainly big fans as it meets nearly all our client’s needs with a lot more functionality available to exceed those needs!

Be sure to get in touch with us if you’re looking for a new site to be developed.