Zonkey has a new home

After many weeks of emails, phone calls, visits and paperwork, we’ve finally collected the keys to our new offices. We now have just over a week to decorate and get everything ready, and hopefully BT will keep their side of the deal and turn up on the correct day to install our phone line and broadband. 1st July is our current plan for moving in day so fingers crossed everything goes well! It will be nice to have a permanent base once again, and we’ve got more space to move around as well.

Lots of other things going on this week. We’ve been working with a few new companies looking at getting them setup on the web and advising on how such mediums as Twitter and Facebook can play a part in the promotion of their business. A lot of businesses think they have to be seen to be ‘doing’ Twitter, but few really utilise it in the best way. We’ve been having discussions with a new Bath startup PR firm about how social media plays an important part in any PR and Marketing plan. Nowadays Twitter, blogs, articles, forums and many more online options open up a wide range of methods of getting yourself heard, and not all of them need to cost the earth! If you’re confused about your part in the social media marketplace then give the Zonkey a call and we’ll be glad to talk things through with you.

More updates to follow next week!