Keeping busy at Zonkey HQ

Lots going on over the past few weeks here at Zonkey HQ. We’re on the hunt for a new, bigger office which is taking up a lot of time. Quite exciting though and we’re looking forward to finding a new home to boost our creativity and passion for web design.

We’ve picked up a few new clients as well this month and we’ve got some really exciting projects to be working on over the next few weeks so look out in our portfolio for new site launches. We’re working on an ecommerce solution for a shop with around 200 products and we’ve put together a fantastic package to boost their wholesale business.

We work a lot with WordPress and Magento and we’ve been discovering some really cool extensions and plugins. I’m pondering putting together a separate blog category to start sharing these finds with other WordPress developers and enthusiasts so watch this space. Sometimes you just come across something which can completely change the way you build or site, or offers something that can really change the way a user interacts with a site.

Our search engine optimisation packages are selling well and we’re still getting some really good rankings across the board. It’s all about perseverance and hard work but the results are all worth the effort.

Must be home time but i’m sure we’ll be back to blogging more next week!