SEO In Bath – A Case Study

We are often asked by clients whether Search Engine Optimisation actually works, so we thought we would give you an example of how it really does!

A little while ago we were approached by a guest house in Bath. They were concerned that they were not showing up in search engines for any of their desired keywords. We got on the case, did some keyword research and then set to work on optimising their website to be search engine friendly.

We are happy to report that after only 3 months their website has moved up 1,328 Google places, all of their keywords are appearing in the top 20 places on Google, with 4 of those in the extremely competitive top 10 places – i.e. 1st page!

At Zonkey we use Google approved methods that will keep on working for you once we stop. However our client was so impressed with our work, they have chosen to go onto one of our monthly WordPress Maintenance Packages. This will help them to keep their new found ranking positions and we will do site backups, updates and generally keep their site in good order.

Another satisfied customer for Team Zonkey!