Advantages & Disadvantages of One Page Websites

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When choosing a new website, the style will depend very much on how you intend to use it. One popular option is the one page website. This is a single page website which has no extra pages, instead all of the content is contained in a long scrolling format.

The one page/single page website has its pros and cons, we will look at these below.

Benefits of One Page Websites

Improved User Experience

Having well designed content all on one page makes for an easier to navigate, more continuous experience for the user. You can set out your content in a specific order, ensuring the user gets all the information they need by scrolling down the page. You can also get your message across more quickly than if the user needs to visit multiple pages.

Mobile Friendly

Responsive one page websites are great for mobile users. By having all of the information available on one page, users can scroll to find the information they need. In 2021, mobile devices generated over 50% of website traffic according to

User Engagement

A well designed one page website can hold user retention for longer on the webpage, keeping users on your site for longer and increasing their engagement.

The Negatives of a One Page Website


With just one page to your website, there is a chance your website’s search engine rankings could suffer. To perform well, SEO specialists like to optimise multiple pages for a number of keyphrases but there would be a limit of just one or two keyphrases for a single page site. It would also not be possible to add a blog to the site, meaning fresh content won’t be added regularly – something that Google responds well to.

Page Load Speed

Having lots of information on one page, especially videos and graphics, can cause a slower page load speed.

Not Possible To Share A Lot Of Information

Some businesses will need to provide a lot of information about their services, the one page website will not be suitable for this.


Deciding whether to go for the one page website will depend largely on what you are offering and wanting to share – if your business needs to get across lots of information, the one page website may not be for you. This type of website only works well if the information provided is well laid out, with not too much information all in one place. However if you have limited text and well laid out content, the benefits of the one page website are its usability; especially for mobile users.

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