Why We Do It

Having both worked previously in the web industry, both Alex and Jon were keen to create a company that was different to all the rest. They’re also both involved in other consultancy firms and realised that to make a successful web company in this day and take would take something new. The company was created using entirely web based tools. All our websites are content managed. They can be managed through a PC in the office, a Laptop at home and even using the specially design iPad or iPhone app. Our customer management system is entirely web based and provides automated signups and customer payment. We have integrated domain name registrations into our control panel, and it even synchronises with our web based accounts package.

Our aim is to bring this methodology of doing business to our customers. Why use out of date programming techniques, or inferior hosting solutions when for the same money or less we can provide these modern services.

We make the web work for us, why not let Zonkey make the web work for you.