If you have a mailing list of email addresses for your clients and customers and you’re not regularly sending communications to them, you’re missing out!

Email marketing is one of the most cost effective ways of getting your information in front of your customers.

One main advantage over and above other forms of communication is that you can track every email you send. Our email marketing software allows you to create multiple lists and then import your customers in. When you send out an email campaign we can provide back to you reports detailing which of your clients viewed the emails and which clicked links within the emails. To comply with regulations we offer an automated unsubscribe feature so users who don’t wish to receive emails can opt out. We can even automatically remove those users whose email addresses bounce so you have a nice up to date cleansed database.

Many clients try to use Outlook to send bulk emails by putting everyone in the BCC field (or even just putting everyone in the To: field.. a big no no!), but if you have a lot of emails you’ll probably find Outlook doesn’t really cope very well. Let us manage your email campaigns and do all the hard work for you.

As part of a marketing campaign, it’s invaluable. If you send out a mail with a special offer we can tell you which clients viewed the mail or clicked the links and then you can follow them up with another email or a personal phone call.

We work with many large companies managing lists containing tens of thousands of emails with campaigns going out every month. We have a dedicated server running the software that is specifically configured to avoid getting blacklisted.

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