Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising is a method of website marketing that should certainly be considered by everyone wanting to make a success of their online presence. The name kind of gives away how it works. Each time a user clicks on your ad or banner, you pay a sum of money. The higher you bid for your chosen keyword, the higher up the list of ads you appear.

The most well known PPC provider is Google with their Adwords scheme. You create ads, choose keywords and set a budget per day. You can then control how much you’re spending and see how many impressions (or views) your banners are getting and how many clicks you receive.

There are other avenues for this form of advertising, one being Facebook. With their PPC system you can choose very a specific demongraphic criteria for who you target. This can be age, sex, location, occupation, interests and much more. As it’s within Facebook community it uses Facebook user data to target ads to them.

Different types of Website Marketing work better for different types of business. If you want to increase traffic to your website then let Zonkey guide through the maze