Twitter has literally exploded onto the social media scene in recent years.

Who would have thought that people would take to describing their lives in 140 character long messages. I guess its the same as when people never thought text messaging would catch on.

Twitter is all about the here and now. It’s instant. If you’re a cafe and you want to tell people about your daily specials, Twitter is the place to do it. Unlike¬†Facebook where your status updates are generally only available to your friends, Twitter postings can often be seen worldwide. Messages or hash tags can often trend which means there has been a sudden and prolonged discussion around that topic. Twitter allows you to follow what Stephen Fry and Britney Spears are up to and what they’re eating for breakfast, but it also allows you to spread the word about your business with incredible ease.

There are rules to using Twitter. There are lessons of Twitter etiquette that need to be understood. Not every can find the time to spend all day tweeting about useful information, but we understand how it can work for you, so let us do the hard work.

Our range of social media management packages fully utilise the power of Twitter for your business. We can tell you when people are talking about your company, product or service. We can tell you when people are looking for your product or service, and we can respond to all these people for you. We can make sure you follow the right people, we make sure you’re telling people the right information.

Let us do all the hard word. You sit back and reap the rewards.