Email Accounts

Email solutions are often bundled in with web hosting, and here at Zonkey we’re able to provide you with a number of email options.
Nowadays, receiving email isn’t just restricted to your desktop computer. With the introduction of smart phones, tablet PCs and laptops, many people now want to receive email on the go. Email connectivity comes in many different types: POP3, IMAP, Exchange, and Zonkey can provide all of them. If it’s business critical email you’re after then we can recommend a solution. If you’re setting up a new website and you just want a few email addresses  to capture orders then we can provide you with as many POP3 email mailboxes as you wish.

Our cPanel systems provide email accounts, and we also use Google Apps for some of our clients. The Google Apps business class email is compatible with many mobile devices so you can link your email, calendar and contacts into one account and access them wherever you are. If you’re office based and you have a Microsoft Exchange system installed then we can configure your mobile devices to access your email from the office. With email filtering solutions available your email system can be safe, secure and reliable.

Contact us for more information and we’ll gladly recommend the best solution for you.