Website Pricing Terms

We try and keep our pricing as transparent as possible. We try and avoid hidden extras and price everything up front which makes it easier for everyone involved. There are a few Terms & Conditions though directly relating to websites that we thought we’d lay out below for you to read. If you have any questions over any of the points then just get in touch and we’ll be happy to help out.

  • Before we start work we’ll give you a questionnaire to gather all the information we need about your existing brand and in what style the site needs to be. If you need additional graphics work like logo design then we can make arrangements for this at the same time
  • When we draw up a site map it helps if you’ve given some consideration to what you want on your site. Some site designs integrate the navigation and at a later date if we have to add another few menu items it can skew the design so the more we know up front the better
  • The quicker you can provide us with the content for your site, the quicker we can start work. One of the most infuriating aspects of being web designers in finishing a site up to the point of needing content and then having to wait weeks (sometimes months, and in one case we waited for over a year!) for the site to be populated.
  • We’ll happily put the text and images in your site basic or extended site as part of the price, if it is provided to us in digital format. If you want us to type of handwritten text then we’ll gladly do this but there may be a surcharge.
  • For shopping sites, as a rule we’ll build the structure of the site and add some sample products and then give you basic training on how the admin system works and how to add all your products in. Some shopping sites have many hundreds of products with multiple variations on size and colour and this can be very time consuming. We’ll happily do it for you, but this may incur a surcharge. In an ideal world you’d provide us your products in a spreadsheet with named images and the whole process can be fairly painless.
  • We have a number of sites we use to source stock photography. If you’re after a particular image or range of images for your site then we can seek them out for you. We can show you sample images before we purchase but then the cost of the image will be passed on to you together with a small fee to cover our payment processing fees and image search time. If you want the images to be used for print then they cost a bit more as we need them in a higher resolution.
  • Whilst you’re more than within your rights to change your mind about how the site looks or works. there may be occasions where the changes we have to make go over and above our initial quote. We’ll always be open about this if we think your requests are going to incur extra costs as to you changing the colour of a button may be a simple request but it could be a few hours work for us. Generally we can accommodate anything you throw at us, but we’ve found it’s always better to be up front to save ending up with an unhappy client.
  • We ask for a 25% deposit up front when we begin a new website. We start work once the first invoice has been settled. The balance is paid when the site has been finished.
  • In some cases we’ll ask for final payment before the site goes live. This would only occur if the site was finished but you needed to populate it with content or products.